Are you looking for a reputable cleaning company for your school? All janitorial companies are not the same and you need to know how to pick one that is reliable, thorough and understands the need for a safe environment for teachers and students.

Here are some questions you need to ask the cleaning company your are considering hiring to clean your school, before you hire them:

Are you licensed and insured? You need to know that the cleaning company has been trained and certified to perform the type of work you plan for them to do and that they have met the requirements necessary to get a license. Such a license also usually means they meet OSHA standards and understand safety issues. You should also establish that the cleaning company carries adequate liability insurance. One slip or fall on school property could cost your school district a large amount out of what is always a tight school budget.

Have your employees been through a background check? Whenever you are dealing with someone’s child (even if that child is a college freshman), you need to take every precaution to only allow thoroughly vetted workers on any school campus.

Are you experienced in cleaning schools? Besides a large influx and outgo of people from every classroom (and restroom) on school property every day of the school year, when the year is finally over, a cleaning company must be able to conduct a complete floor-to-ceiling “spring cleaning” of every inch of the school to ready it for the next year or semester.

Do you use green products? With such a diverse student body, you have to be aware of allergens or irritants being introduced into the school environment. Hire a company who only uses natural, hypoallergenic products with which to clean, saving possible trouble with a hypersensitive student or member of the faculty.

What do you charge and how do you bill? Money is tight in all educational facilities these days and you should comparison shop for the best price. Also find the cleaning company who is willing to accept whatever billing cycle (30, 60 or 90 days or quarterly) that syncs with when your school’s budget money is released.