Are you looking for a reliable cleaning company for your retail store cleaning? Day in and day out, your retail location is put through the wringer. Outside doors opening and shutting, hundreds of people trekking through fingering the merchandise, dirtying the carpets and wrecking havoc with the dressing rooms.

Allergens, dust, outdoor dirt and paper waste are all problems that need a thorough cleanup, but how to find a commercial cleaning service you can trust?

Here are some things to ask when interviewing a janitorial service for your retail establishment:

Are your employees bonded and are background checks performed? Theft is something you need to watch out for when hiring any cleaning company, so that shrinkage doesn’t cause untraceable trouble with your inventory. You don’t want to let a fox into the hen house after hours just to keep your store clean.

Are you insured? One slip, fall or accident can truly harm your retail operation’s bottom line. Make certain any firm you hire has adequate liability insurance.

Are you experienced in retail cleaning? You don’t have time to go over every inch of your store with a white glove every morning to check up on the cleaning crew’s work of the night before. Ensure they know to mop the aisles, but vacuum the dressing rooms (even the curtains), and that the windows of each display must shine to show your goods in the best light.

Are they using hypoallergenic cleaning products? Though smell is certainly important to a customer, allergens are even more so. Insist the cleaning company use only green products, ones guaranteed to cause no allergic reaction to even the most sensitive customer.

Do they have sufficient manpower to keep to your schedule? A retail operation often needs to be cleaned nightly. Do they have enough employees to complete this task each and every night, because your customers will notice if they don’t each and every day.

Do they have a list of references? Ask for references of other retail establishments or commercial accounts they work with and call those references, asking if they are happy with the service the company provides. A fellow businessperson’s opinion can be invaluable in making the right choice.