Office Cleaning requires a cleaning company that is reliable, experienced and trustworthy. You want an office cleaning company that will do the job right, the first time — thoroughly cleaning your offices at a convenient time and at a reasonable rate.

How to find the right cleaning company: Checking a service like is a great place to start your search for the right cleaning company for your offices or office building. Consider it the modern version of word-of-mouth. The reviews posted will help guide you towards the cleaning company that is right for your business. Look for a company who has years of experience in your area and feel free to ask for references and testimonials from satisfied customers—then check them.

Ask the correct questions: Does the cleaning company run background checks on all its employees? Are they insured and bonded? Are their workers covered by workmen’s comp? Only hire a company that is prepared to attest to the trustworthiness of their cleaners and will take financial responsibility for any property missing or damaged.

Does their timetable suit yours? Perhaps you only want cleaning services late at night, long after regular office hours or maybe your office hours are in the dead of night and you need early morning cleaning? Hire a company who suits your schedule.

Inquire about products used and areas cleaned: Does the company bring cleaning products or are you expected to provide them? Does the cleaning company use green cleaning products? How about allergy-free HEPA vacuum bags? Will they clean the lobby, the pubic restrooms, the elevator? Do they do windows?

What do they charge: Is there free consultation? Does the cleaning company charge a “special” (higher) rate for the initial visit until they “get the place shaped up”? Will an estimator be sent to decide how long each cleaning will take and quote you a flat rate?

What are the charges for additional cleanings (after a seminar or office party, for example?)?

What is the procedure for grievances: If you are unhappy with any service, to whom do you complain? How do you contact the company and how responsive are they? Is there a project manager for your office or building? Will they reimburse money in the event of a complaint or send the crew over to redo the cleaning?