Are you searching for a cleaning company who can help with move in/move out cleaning? Perhaps you are a renter on your way in or out of a house or apartment or a landlord getting ready for the next tenant—either way, if you need cleaning help around moving, here are some questions to ask a cleaning company or janitorial service before you hire them:

Can they meet your specific deadline? You want the place to be clean before you move anything in or, conversely, you don’t want the cleaning crew to show up while your movers are trying to get you out of there. If you are a landlord, every day the residence stands empty is money out of your pocket, so get it in writing that the company can send their cleaners exactly when you specify.

What services will they perform? Do you need the place just “broom clean” as specified in many leases? Or do you need the baseboards and crown molding dusted, the windows cleaned and the floors polished? Find out exactly what the cleaning company will do as part of their standard service and what is considered extra.

Get a written estimate of the costs and time: Have the cleaning company provide a specific list of what they will be doing, including any extras (read the fine print) and if they are charging for a certain window of time (with overage charges for any period of time past that window.)

How experienced are they? How many years have they been engaged in move in/move out cleaning? Do they have references you can check (then do so.)

Are they licensed and insured? You want a reputable company doing the work and that means a licensed one. As for insurance, at minimum, the cleaning company must carry liability insurance in case on of their employees gets hurt on your job. You don’t want to be liable for medical bills or disability payments.

Is there a discount for multiple units? Come the end of every month, you, as a landlord, may be faced with getting many units ready to rent. Does the cleaning company have several crews to send and is there a discount if the janitorial service is hired to clean all the vacant apartments?

If anyone in your household is sensitive to allergens or irritated by certain chemicals, ask for the company to use environmentally safe products or ask if you may provide them yourself (and does that affect the price of the job?)