Do you need help house cleaning? It is no crime to admit you need help keeping your house clean. You are a busy person so why not hire a professional cleaning company?

Here are some questions you want to ask of any cleaning company or maid service you are considering hiring to clean your home:

Do you have references? Call them all and ask if they were satisfied with the service the cleaning or maid service provided and, if not, why not. Also read our site for testimonials from customers of cleaning companies. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

Are you licensed and insured? Licensing means a company went to the trouble to follow the rules and allow themselves to be held accountable for the jobs they do or risk losing their license. Liability insurance is vital so that if an employee of the cleaning company were to get hurt at your home, you wouldn’t be left holding the bag for high medical expenses and even possible disability.

Will they provide a complete list of services they perform? Read the list carefully and see if you would need any additions made? Do they do windows, for example, or the inside of the refrigerator? Are those services considered special and priced separately? Will the cleaning company do a thorough “spring cleaning” once or twice a year? How about the textiles in your home? Will they clean rugs, curtains and upholstery?

What are their prices? Many cleaning companies charge extra for the first visit until they “get your home in shape”—find out how much that is as opposed to their “normal” service.

What is their schedule? Will they come at the same time every week and how long will they take to finish the cleaning? Can you be home while they are there? Do you have to lock up any pets?

What products do they use? If “green cleaning” is important to you, say so and ask if they will bring their own environmentally friendly products or do you need to provide them?

Is the background of all their employees checked and are they bonded? You don’t want to let an untrustworthy stranger into your home.