Do you need help apartment cleaning? Without all the maintenance issues of a large house, an apartment is more convenient, but the lack of space means keeping the apartment clean is vital. But who has time for housework? Consider hiring a professional cleaning company to keep your apartment shipshape.

Here are some questions you want to ask of any cleaning company or maid service you are considering hiring to clean your apartment:

How much do you charge and for what services? Make a list of what you would like done and compare it to the list of services the cleaning company provides. Is everything you’d like done covered on their list? If not, how much extra would these other services cost? Don’t accept a vague answer like “just a few bucks more.” Get things spelled out to avoid future misunderstanding. Also ask if they charge more for the first visit.

Do they clean any other apartments in the building? If so, ask which ones and inquire of those neighbors about the service the cleaning company has been providing. Are they happy with the work? Also get another list of references from the company and call them. Having a list of questions helps the conversation go more quickly.

Are you insured? Never hire a cleaning company that doesn’t carry liability insurance. If one of their employees were hurt in your apartment, you would be liable for medical bills and possibly even disability payments.

Is the company licensed and are the employees’ backgrounds checked? The cleaning company has to hold to certain standards to maintain their licensing. A license means that they are no fly-by-night company. When it comes to background checking, it is one more layer of protection against theft that is very important since you will be letting strangers in your apartment.

What products do they use? If environmentally friendly products are important to you, say so (and be prepared to provide them to the cleaner) and if you are allergic to anything, be sure to note it to the company and the cleaner him or herself on the day of the first service.